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Canning & Freezing Info
Canning & Freezing Info

As the growing season begins, it is also time to think about what you want to do with your bounty!! Not only eating it during the season, but what to do with the extra...not letting it go to waste!!

Plus saving locally grown produce & fruit taste sooo much better than traveled store bought. But you need to preserve & store it correctly to really enjoy the flavor. That means either canning, freezing, roasting or drying properly. Then this year I want to try fermenting...

For the freezing process, I spend the time to learn which veggies & fruits can be & how to... The process can take some time to do, but having that full flavor & freshness in the dead of winter is worth the time!!
I have been using the 'Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving' http://www.freshpreserving.com

This year I purchased a new book for more info: 'So Easy to Preserve' http://setp.uga.edu/book.html

Then I also use the 'FoodSaver' to keep the air out & from getting freezer burn which ruins the taste...YUCK!! 

Canning: hot water bath or presser canning, different foods require different processes. Besides books, I have also been very lucky to get incredible info & guidance from my friends Jim & Candy who got me started in canning over the phone...

For info & recipes, besides the 2 books (the new book, this will be my 1st year to try it) above here's another one that I have found some good recipes 'Blue Ribbon Preserves'


I have not done fermenting or made sourdough before... So I'm making my 1st sourdough starter from scratch!! You use raisins as apart of creating the starter, which turns them into fermented raisins...YUMM!! They are great to use in baked goods like cinnamon buns & peanut butter cookies...wonderful flavor!!

It is a long process to create the starter from scratch, but the flavor should be worth it!!

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Beet Greens Growing
Beet Greens Growing

Here's a yellow beet head that the greens have been cut off & eaten already. I put it in water that was left out without a top to off-gas for 24 hours before using.
The greens are really growing!!
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Sweet Potato Slips
Sweet Potato Slips

These are my sweet potatoes that I have started to grow for their slips that I will use to grow sweet potatoes from this year.
They are slow in getting started but making progress!!

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Making Lilac Honey
Making Lilac Honey

Lilac infused honey... it's easy, tasty
& smells wonderful!!
-Start by harvesting fresh lilac flowers at the
height of their bloom, early in the morning before
the fragrance disappears then rinse and dry the flowers thoroughly.
-This takes awhile, but pluck the individual blossoms from the stems and fill your jar.
-Pour your raw, local liquid honey into the jar until the flowers are covered, then wait for the honey to slowly flow its way around the flowers, use a wooden or plastic chop-stix to eliminate air pockets and continue to fill till flowers are covered.
-Put the lilac honey jar on your window sill & let steep for a week so the flavor can infuse. Try to stir the flowers back into the honey with the chop-stix at least once a day. The flowers will greatly reduce in volume overnight & float to the top.
I removed most of the flowers coated with the honey & used them in the bird/critter bread I baked... Also my rabbit loved the fresh lilac flowers to eat too.
Bee pollen: http://www.creativebirdtoys.com/category-s/1835.h...
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