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GFBToys chooses the parts used on their bird toy creations because:

*Health & Safety concerns

*Eco-friendly, sustainable & non-toxic

*Made in USA-Certified
& Made in USA

*Recyclable parts

*Parts from other countries...sourced from reputable suppliers.

*Fair Trade Products

*Encouraging cruelty-free purchases and practices

Pine Cones:

Are an excellent toy!!

Encourages Natural Foraging, there's a pine cone size for all beak sizes

The pine cones species that GFBToys chooses to
use most of these cones may still contain pine seed or nuts
& are harvested from forests within the USA...

Silly Strandz:

Phthalate-free, non-toxic
& rated for food use.
Has no strings to get toe nails caught in plus it's easy cleaning.

* #3 recyclable & can be tossed into your recyclable bin!!

Skinny, Regular, Hefty & Jumbo

USA-C Plastic Chain:

-it is #2 recyclable & can be
tossed into your recyclable bin!!

- does NOT contain any lead
in the colors
nor any BPA or phthalates.

Sunflower Heads:

Excellent toy!!

Encourages Natural Foraging fun!!

The sunflower heads that
GFBToys uses:
no pesticides or
toxins used in growing,
harvesting or drying.
Good clean fun!!


Sustainably USA grown,
no pesticides.

Renewable, Eco-friendly

The sisal rope used does not
contain any oils or poisons.
Made in Mexico.

Note: Since small critters
& rabbits consume instead of shred,
& these products are made from long fibers
that are able to get bound up in the animal's gut
& cause blockage since they are not known
to easily brake down in the stomach.
Instead, paper rope or
string is used...USA-C.

The only playing cards that
GFBToys uses are fully recyclable,
both case and deck.
These cards are made from
sustainable forest papers,
starch-based laminating
and vegetable-based inks.
No toxins...

Eco-friendly, sustainable

Rattleballs in 4 sizes:

* No BPA or phthalates

* Recyclable

GFBS Parrot Wrappers:

Non-toxic white glue.
Water based inks.
Excellent to stuff w/ treats for shred/foraging fun.

Environmentally friendly & recyclable

Fair Trade Shoe laces:

Eco-friendly shoelaces are here! Made with 100% Fair Trade-certified, organic cotton
threads & vegan.

Only Certified Organic Apple Wood (locally grown),
Birch (locally & NE grown),
Sustainable farmed Grapewood & locally grown,
Willow (locally grown), Bass & Popular wood (NE grown).
These wood products come from either FSA managed forest or managed farming practices.


Balsa wood used, comes from managed farming
practices in South America.

Corn Husk:

I was able to find unsulfured product coming in from Mexico.


I don't use any Dried Fruits that contain sulfur in any bird toy creations, or small animal/rabbits toys...

The dried flowers & dried greens that are added to toys are: