Parrot Rings, Barrels & Pudgies:

An excellent toy on their own or added to toys...
These are made from 100% recycled paper,
non-toxic, non-animal derived glue
& food grade parchment paper.
(No added flavorings to the product or glue)

*Parrot Rings, Barrels & Pudgies*
are eco-friendly cardboard tubes...

The company that produces the
Parrot Rings, Barrels & Pudgies
realizes their
responsibility to the environment
& recycles all trim
& waste generated duringmanufacturing.
Made from truly
100% recycled paperboard,
primarily post-consumer waste.
They also conduct their operations in
full compliance
w/ applicable environmental
laws & regulations.


An excellent toy on their own or added to toys...
products are recyclable including non-animal derived adhesives...
Great mini nubs to be picked on.

These cups are manufactured by 75% blind labor
in partnership with a
Blind and Visually Impaired non-profit to
empower people who are visually impaired.
The cup is - of course - certified compostable,
non-toxic, and made from
sustainably sourced paper
with a biodegradable plant-based lining.

Mini Parrot Rings:

Smaller than the 1" Parrot Ring
(orange 1" shown in image)

Recyclable, non-toxic non-animal derived glue
& only available in natural.

The paper stixs used are chlorine & fluorescent free, 100% biodegradable.

Why the use of The Parrot Rings, Barrels & Pudgies, + Nubbies
over toilet paper rolls & paper towel rolls...

The Parrot Rings, Barrels & Pudgies, Nubbies cardboard tubes are safe to use, to be chewed on...
even if they sit soaking in a water dish for the day.
They are non-toxic from the paper to the glue used.
No scents or flavoring are added either.
These products should replace the toilet paper
& paper towels rolls...
generally a chemical based glue is used, it's cheap.
Then there are the tubes used with
scented toilet paper
or the heavily chemical processed paper towels…
these chemicals can leech into the cardboard tube... How about soaking in a water dish for a day?? or in your creature's saliva as they chew, carry or stuff in their face.

Playing cards:

The only playing cards that GFBToys uses are fully recyclable, both case and deck. These cards are made from sustainable forest papers, starch-based laminating and vegetable-based inks.
Contain no toxins...

Eco-friendly, sustainable

Greenfeather Bird Supply,LLC has earned a bronze-level green business certification from Green America.
GFBS demonstrates efforts
"to become an environmentally & socially responsible business."

This is also reflected in the product choices used to create the line of GFBToys too!!