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Plastic Beads Blurb: Seed beads, Pony beads to Donut beads
Plastic Beads Blurb: Seed beads, Pony beads to Donut beads

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This blurb is about: Plastic Beads

Seed beads, Pony beads (varying sizes) to Donut beads

Using the same part on a bird toy versus using it on a critter to rabbit toy… Unfortunately not all parts are equally safe for usage in both. This blurb is about the smaller Plastic Beads (Seed beads, Pony beads (varying sizes) to Donut beads (a bit larger/fatter pony bead).

These varying sized beads for birds (using the appropriate bead to beak size are for the most part safe… NOTE: There is ALWAYS the exception…know your bird!!) There are birds that enjoy ‘popping’ beads, run their tongue over or fidget them, move them around, etc… Just having fun with beads!!

But these same sized beads could be a danger for critters to rabbits on their toys. These beads are small enough to be swallowed like food when removed from the toy by accident. This could especially happen if the beads are used on a toy designed with food. GFBToys chooses to use wooden beads, either natural, un-dyed or ones that have been colored with safe dyes for safety. Plus wooden beads are good chewing for their teeth too.

Another possible danger with the small plastic beads is they could get stuck on a tooth when the critter attempts to bite down…that would be tough removal from a mouth in panic. Or the critter could even snap/brake a tooth too.

GFBToys choice to use natural, un-dyed or safe dyed wooden beads &/or wooden nickels/discs but will NOT include the use of painted beads. Not all paint used on wooden beads are safe… Where was the painted wooden bead made?? What was its intended use?? When was it made if you find it at a tag sale (example…if its from the 70’s it could have lead or cadmium in the paint for the color)?? Also being painted you are unable to see what species of wood it is made from. Some woods that could be safe for birds might not be for critters to rabbits & vice versa.

NOT all woods are safe for birds &/or critters to rabbits. You need to know about the parts you are working with…do the research!!

There are several available lists on the web of SAFE woods for birds & for critters to rabbits.

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