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Foot Toy & Toss Toy Mixes Foraging Box 2"x2"x2"...1 box (unassembled/flat) GFBS Parrot Wrappers-10 Balsa Wood- 1...1x1x4
GFBS Parrot Wrappers-10
Our Price: $1.00
Balsa Wood- 1...1x1x4
Our Price: $1.25
These are images of a sampling
of the FooToys/Toss Toys
offered by CBT.
Package of 1 flattened 2"x2"x2" boxes.
Both beaks & critters do enjoy destroying & shredding these!!
The 2"x2"x2" boxes are excellent to add to toys or adding treats/stuffing to to encourage foraging & play.
The boxes are eco-friendly, recyclable & compostable.
Sent flattened.

Parts: USA

Size: 2"x2"x2"
Non-toxic white glue.
Water based inks.
Excellent to stuff w/ treats for
shred/foraging fun.
Add to toys.

Environmentally friendly
& recyclable
Balsa Wood
Great as a toy base or as is.
This balsa wood comes from managed farming
practices in South America.

1 piece of Size: 1"x1"x4"
Medium Spoolin pkg1 #67-1031...Coin Toss FT #67-1109...CornHusker Toss #67-1111...Nubbie Explosion
Medium Spoolin pkg1
Our Price: $1.75
#67-1031...Coin Toss FT
Our Price: $1.85
Natural jmediumhardwood spool,
pkg 1 w/ center hole.
Rollin-around fun!!
Add to a toy or as a toy base.

Part: USA

Size: 2"h x 1 5/16"w
1/4" hole
A 2 3/8"d x 1/4"thick
hardwood coins w/ water based ink image
w/ 3-1"Parrot Rings & 2 wooden beads
on paper rope. Chew or toss!!

Parts: USA-C & USA
Parrot Ring colors & coin image will vary.

Not-sulfured corn husk, paper rope
& 2 mini paper discs.
All eatable & toss able...

Parts: USA-C & other

Size: 2.25" x 4.75"w
(size can vary a bit)
Nubbie Explosion offers a lot chew,
shred, toss & hide treats in!!
A textured nubbie as the center
& flap-jacks on paper rope.

Parts: USA-C & USA

Size: 2.5" x 6"
#67-1112...Jewel Box #195JR...JR Rattleball #179A...Nubbies-12 #195JR/R...JR Rattleball for critters
#67-1112...Jewel Box
Our Price: $1.99
#195JR...JR Rattleball
Our Price: $2.25
Our Price: $2.25
Jewel Box: Pudgie (colors will vary),
hardwood coin ends with thick paper rope.
Center is stuffed w/:
Critter: Oxbow timothy hay
& a dried flower/greens mix.
Avian: crinkled colored (colors will vary) paper.

Parts: USA-C, USA & other (dried flower/greens mix)

Size: 1.75" x 4"
Fun rattle balls to roll, toss or add to toys.
There are no BPA or phthalates.
Birds: contains plastic beads.
Critters: hardwood rattles (let CBT know)

Parts: USA-C
(SMALLEST in photo)
pkg of 12...Nubbies
Non-toxic paper tube w/nubs,
pkg will range in tube
length from 3/4" to 1.5" by 3/4" across.
Excellent for peeling & picking at the 'Nubbs".
Great to stuff into toys, stuff them or as is.
Made in USA-C.
Fun rattle balls to roll, toss or add to toys.
There are no BPA or phthalates.
Critters: hardwood rattles inside
Parts: USA-C
(SMALLEST in photo)
#67-1033...Trio Nibble Toss FT Carrot Cookie Cutter  4 3/8" Floppy Bunny Cookie Cutter 3 3/4" Rabbit Face Cookie Cutter 4 1/4"
Pkg of 3 odd shaped softwood w/ 2 mini board
discs on paper rope.
Shapes & sizes will vary.

Parts: USA-C & USA
What a great shape to make healthy cookie treats to share with your small critter to rabbit companion!!
What's up, Doc?
  • Size: 4 3/8"
  • Made in USA
  • Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail! Too cute & great for any time you want a springtime pick-me-up. This is one bunny you won't have to feed.
  • Size: 3 3/4"
  • Made in USA
  • The 4 1/4" Rabbit Face Cookie Cutter will bring smiles all around!! Kids will have a blast using this shape to cut cookies or other healthy treats.
  • Size: 4 1/4"
  • Made in USA