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Creative Bird Toys
PO Box 270842
West Hartford, CT 06127

Welcome to©, offering some of the most creative bird toys, innovative bird toys, eco-friendly bird toys, a long with other products for birds & their care givers...

We offer: Greenfeather Bird Toys©...

the FIRST bird toy line to be *CERTIFIED made in the USA*

GFBToys are proudly made using many parts that are


Greenfeather Bird Supply,LLC has earned a bronze-level green business certification from Green America. GFBS demonstrates efforts "to become an environmentally & socially responsible business."

& GFBToys are Handmade in the USA:

GFBToys are responsibly designed bird toys!!

GFBToys offer avian enrichment fun in their bird toy creations...

"Sqwatters", the flat bird bed perch...bird perches handmade in the USA

along with bird sleepwear, bird toy parts and much more...

Greenfeather Bird Toys© are avian enrichment toys that help to stimulate good mental health, excersize for the feathered bodies, incourages the use of their feet & gives the curious beak & tongue lots of textures to explore! While "Sqwatters", the flat bird bed perch provide a resting place & the tents, sleepers or cabanas offer a comfortable place to nap, sleep or hide. Bird toy parts to repair bird toys, to be added to bird toys or just as bird foot toys.

Many of these bird toys are created using products such as: 'green' or ecofriendly bird toy parts.....straw/palm leaf hats are woven instead of sewn (threads to be caught by)....wood products from managed forest/renewable resources....recycled & recyclable grade coloring....drinking water rated plastic coils....playing cards that are from sustainable forest paper, starch-based laminat glue & vegetable-based inks & recyclable....natural colored paper products....natural rubber toys....there are lots of bird toy parts made in the USA, along with many bird toys that have all parts made in the USA (except NP hardware)...

**** becomes a BIRD TOY PARTY****

FORAGING bird toys: completely shredable, others refillable...DESTRUCTABLE bird toys: some parts are totally shredable, others refillable...EXCERCISE bird toys: promotos climbing & interaction...BIRD FOOT TOYS: incourages foot movement with parts different sizes than perch width, coordination...MANIPULATIVE bird toys: make musical parts work, others seek the treat...PREENING & BUDDY bird toys: natural fibers, supreme cotton to colorful fleece...COMFORT bird toys & products: their favorite bird toy to their favorite fleece hide-away or Jolly Hideout...BIRD PERCHES: varying diameters, flat & natural materials to promoto healthy feet...BIRD TOY PARTS: replacement parts for favorite toys, refill refillable toys or just foot fun... GREENFEATHER BIRD TOYS©: avian enrichment fun...



Any questions, comments....please email us.... KNOWS BIRD TOYS!!!

Thank you for purchasing our quality avian enrichment toys & products!!

GFBToys proudly has the 'Made in USA Brand certification mark' has:

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*FREE SHIPPING*on orders within the continental USA of $50.00 & up.

Flat fee shipping within the continental USA of $6.95 on orders of $49.99 & under.

Orders ship within 10 days via either USPS or UPS.

Out of the continental USA orders: -Payment thru PayPal only & will only ship to address registered w/account. Credit cards through Paypal only..

-Email the order (do not place thru online form). Shipping is extra, done thru USPS & actual cost charged or if you have a UPS or FedEx account to charge to.


Bird Toy Size Chart:

Small Bird Toys: Keets, Parrotlet, Lovebird to small Conure & like size beaks.

Sm/Med Bird Toys: Sun Conure, Caique, Senegal, Hahns macaw, Brown Head & like size beaks.

Med Bird Toys: Pionus, Timneh Grey, Mueller's, Blue Crown Conure, White-fronted Amazon & like size beaks.

Large Bird Toys: Congo Grey, Amazon, Eclectus, Vasa, Severe & Red-fronted Macaw & like size beaks.

X-Large Bird Toys: Blue&Gold, Green-wing Macaw, Umbrella, Moluccan & like size beaks.

Know how the bird plays with toys, uses sleepwear, etc. Please choose your toys carefully...There are NO returns, NO exchanges, due to health concerns...Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS...

Becareful of copied designs out there of ............Greenfeather Bird Toys©................ copied, but not made with the same quality!

© is not responsible for the inappropriate use, size, or alterations made to the bird toy/s or product & the harm, damage or death it may cause. Purchaser is responsible for proper bird toy maintance. By purchasing you have agreed to the terms & conditions both written & inplied. - All sizes are approximate and colors may vary from toy to toy. Some toys are created with varying added parts from photograph....© is not responsible for any typographical errors....All contents of this website (except clip art) are the property of © and may not be used without expressed permission.....Reproduction of any materials, designs, or graphics from this website are STRICTLY PROHIBITED without expressed permission....All photographs are copyrighted.