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GFBS Parrot Wrappers-10
Our Price: $1.00

Non-toxic white glue.
Water based inks.
Excellent to stuff w/ treats for
shred/foraging fun.
Add to toys.

Environmentally friendly
& recyclable
Triple Dice Within Large, 3pkg
Our Price: $1.00

pkg of 3 Large Dice with 3 mini Dice within.
Fun as they are or add them to toys by their holes.
Nice rattle noise.
Great for the small-med to large!!
Conures, sengals to greys.

Size: 1 1/8" x 1 1/8"

#67-1066...Fish Fry FooToy
Our Price: $1.15

Large Pine Cone-1
Our Price: $1.25

1 Lg Pine Cone (back right cone)

Ntrl, untreated pine cone.
Treats can be stuffed in for extra foraging.

Parts: USA-C

Size: 3" to 4"
Dice add-on 1
Our Price: $1.50

1 1/8" cubed dice with 3 mini dice w/in & a 16mm nickle plated ring to:
-attach to other toys
-as is foot toy

Parts: china

Size: 1 1/8" cube with ring: 1.75"h
2" Medium Cush Ball-1
Our Price: $1.75

pkg of 1...Spiney fun!! Washable,
great stuffer part or on its own.
Colors will vary.
(small balls in image)
Doodle Shapes 6pcs
Our Price: $1.75

6 different Doodle Shapes
-blue plastic only
-fun shapes to add to toys, small to large
-parts can be added to them
-foot toy fun as is

Parts: USA-C

Size: 1.375"w x 1/8"thick to 2.75"L x .75"w x 1/8"thick
#67-1031...Coin Toss FT
Our Price: $1.85

A 2 3/8"d x 1/4"thick
hardwood coins w/ water based ink image
w/ 3-1"Parrot Rings & 2 wooden beads
on paper rope. Chew or toss!!

Parts: USA-C & USA
Parrot Ring colors & coin image will vary.

#67-1109...CornHusker Toss
Our Price: $1.85

Not-sulfured corn husk, paper rope
& 2 mini paper discs.
All eatable & toss able...

Parts: USA-C & other

Size: 2.25" x 4.75"w
(size can vary a bit)
#67-1111...Nubbie Explosion
Our Price: $1.99

Nubbie Explosion offers a lot chew,
shred, toss & hide treats in!!
A textured nubbie as the center
& flap-jacks on paper rope.

Parts: USA-C & USA

Size: 2.5" x 6"