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Pine Cones Info

Are an excellent toy!!

Encourages Natural Foraging, there's a pine cone size for all beak sizes

The pine cones species that GFBToys chooses to use most of these cones
may still contain pine seed or nuts & are harvested from forests within the USA...
Long Small Pine Cone-3
Our Price: $1.65

3 Long Small Pine Cone
(front right cone)

Ntrl, untreated pine cone.
Mini treats can be stuffed in
for extra foraging.

Parts: USA-C

Size: 1" to 3"

#3-LongMd Pinecone- 3/$1.65
#67-767...2 Cone Pop Jr
Our Price: $4.50

Natural small pine cone (may contain seeds),
hardwood stixs & spool plus colorful beads.
Fun size for conures...
*2 Pops per package*

Parts: USA-C & other

Eco-friendly, renewable

Size: 4" x 1+"
#67-762...Festive Cone Forage
Our Price: $10.00

Hung on paper string:
4 pine cones (may contain pine seed),
colorful beads
& colorful plastic textured disc.
Encourages ntrl foraging.

Parts: USA-C
Eco-friendly, renewable

Size: 9"h x 4"w

#67-803...Counting Pennies
Our Price: $10.00

Hung on paper string: paper tubes that
contain a mini pine cone w/ seed.
1" Parrot Rings are over
mini wooden spools.
Lots of fun noise!!

Parts: USA-C, USA
(new plastic hang link & plastic rings)

Eco-friendly, recyclable

Size: 7.5"h x 3.25"w
Our Price: $10.00

Hung on paper string:
organic apple stixs &/or sustainable grape stixs,
paper stixs, 1" parrot rings, wood spools
& a pine cone (may contain pine seed)
to preen, chew
& encourages nratural foraging.

Parts: USA-C, USA

Eco-friendly, recyclable, renewable

Size: 9.5"h x 6"w

#67-687...Cone Clackers
Our Price: $13.50

Hung on paper string:
4 ntrl pine cones
(some still have pine seed),
lots of colorful beads, plastic rings
& 8-1" parrot rings.
Encourages ntrl foraging & preening.

Parts- USA-C (new plastic hang link)

Eco-friendly, recyclable, renewable

Size: 7"h+tails x 4.25
Our Price: $21.00

Loaded onto paper rope:
3 pine cones in parrot rings,
4 sections: willow balls hidden under 2 willow rings.
Each end has a hardwood shape.
New plastic hang links on both ends to hang side to side.
Lots to crunch, forage & shred!!

Parts: USA-C, USA & other

Size: 18.5" x 3.25"