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Balsa Blocks Info #67-861...Balsa Cookies #67-902...Wild Thang #67-924...Lil Dbl Beak
Our Price: $5.49
Our Price: $7.00
Our Price: $7.75
The balsa blocks used on GFBToys are
from a renewable farming source.
For ordering balsa as a part:
Build Your Own Bird&Critter Toys > Wood: Balsa, Hardwood, Softwood...Parts & Shapes
(Not USA grown)
Hung on paper string are balsa wood slices for chipping fun,
plenty of colorful beads & finished w/ a peeps foot toy.
New plastic hang link.

Parts: USA-C & other
Hung on paper string w/ beads is a center of
soft balsa w/ colorful plastic silly strandz & beads.
New plastic hang link.

Parts:USA-C & other.

Size: 6.25"h x 2+"w
Strung on paper string are beads,
6 balsa waffers, 2 mini corks
& 2 small cardboard discs.
Finished with a mini FT of a peep,
creature link & bead.

Parts: USA-C & other
#67-700...Birdie Tofu #67-862...Seed Sandwich's #67-632...Cricket #67-906...Balsa Whirlie
Our Price: $8.50
Our Price: $9.50
Our Price: $9.50
Our Price: $10.00
On paper string: colorful beads, mini chewy tubes,
1"parrot rings plus farm grown balsa rectangles.
Great shredding fun for the mini beak!!

Parts: USA-C & other

Eco-friendly, recyclable, renewable

Size: 9"h x 2"w
Sandwiched between 2 balsa wood slices is a paper seed heart to forage thru.
Colorful beads & a 1" parrot ring btwn the 2 sandwich's, plus a mini foot toy finish.
This is all hung on paper string.
Foraging & wood chipping fun!!

Parts: USA-C & other plus new plastic hang link

Size: 6"h x 2"w
Hung on paper string:
slices of balsa, mini pop stixs
& lots of beads..
Great variety of wood textures!!
Balsa center w/ paper string loaded:
pony beads, puzzle shapes
& mini corks.
A shredders delite!!

Eco-friendly, recyclable, renewable

Parts: USA-C & other

Size: 8"h x 5.5"w
#67-955...Short Delite 67-1023...Peg Block #67-1047...Pepper Thin Cookies Balsa Block Jumbo 3x3x6
Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $11.00
Farm grown balsa block center, 8 natural mini corks
all hung on paper string w/ lots of colorful beads.
NO glue used.
A little beaks pleasure combination
of soft shredding textures.

Parts: USA-C & other.

Eco-friendly, renewable

Size: 7.5"h x 3"w
2" balsa cube is hung on
paper rope w/ beads.
6 hardwood pegs to
chew on...

Parts: USA-C & other

Size:7.5"h x 4.25"w
Loaded on paper string is a great beak treat:
6- balsa wood slates
3- dried chili peppers
- beads, cardboard discs &
mini colored hardwood coins

Parts: USA-C, USA & other

Sizes: 7.5"h x 2"w
Plain jumbo balsa block
Size: 3x3x6

Part: other
#67-1041...Jumbo Peg Block #67-644...ConeChipper #67-876...Tug-O-War #67-994...Candy Beak Lil
Our Price: $11.50
Our Price: $12.00
Our Price: $13.00
Our Price: $13.00
Jumbo balsa block with 6 hardwood pegs.
Great to stand on to shred or chew.

Parts: USA & other

Size: 3x3x6 + pegs
Farm grown balsa, natural pine cones
(may contain pine seed),
paper string w/ colorful beads & plastic crystal rings.
Plenty for a little beak to do!!

Parts: USA-C & other

Eco-friendly, renewable

Size: 9.25"h x 2++"w
Balsa center w/ 2 sets of plastic chain
thru w/ plastic rings to figgit
& ended in a peeps, bead
& creature link to
pull back&forth.

Parts: USA-C & other

Eco-friendly, recyclable parts

Size: 8.5"h x 3"w

Hung on paper string & loaded w/ beads,
the balsa block has lots of
plastic rings, pins & beads plus copters.
Soo much fun to fidget with & to do!!

Parts: Made in USA-C & other

Size: 6"h x 3.25"w