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#67-244...Hats Off #67-508...HoneycombMini #67-762...Festive Cone Forage #67-907...Pajaggle Streamers
Our Price: $6.50
Our Price: $6.50
Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $6.50

Hung on paper string: no string hand woven hats, small ABC blocks, beads & a bell. Parts: USA-C & other. Size: 16"h x 2"w

Honeycombed paper stuffed in layers w/ shred paper to forage & pony beads. Hung on paper string. Stuff millet pods into it for added foraging.
Variety of colors: lime, orange, purple or kraft

Parts: USA-C & USA . Eco-friendly paper & shred.

Size: 10.5"h x 5"w

Hung on paper string:
4 pine cones (may contain pine seed),
colorful beads
& colorful plastic textured disc.
Encourages ntrl foraging.

Parts: USA-C
Eco-friendly, renewable

Size: 9"h x 4"w

Hung on plastic chain is a Pajaggle
foam shape w/ plastic shapes,

Parts: USA-C & other

Size: 6"h x 3"w

#67-463...Heart Tug #67-415...Rattan Play Ring #67-908...Pajaggle Dangle #67-425...OscarJr
Our Price: $6.50
Our Price: $6.50
Our Price: $8.00
Our Price: $4.50
Plastic rings, beads, a bell
& a handmade paper/cotton heart
w/ parrot seeds w/in.
It's a foraging/ shred toy to get to
the seed mixture throughout.
Colors will vary.

Parts: USA-C (except NP hardware) .

Size: 5.5"h x 2.5"w

Colorful plastic ring w/ 1"Parrot Rings,
1.5" & 2" rattan balls & a bell.
2" ball is stuffed w/ paper shred in
either of one of these colors:
Lime Green, Purple or Orange

Parts: USA-C, USA & other/China

Size: 5.5"h x 3.5"w
Hung on plastic chain is a Pajaggle foam shape w/ plastic shapes, pony beads & plastic streamers plus the added fun of the plastic chain pull w/ peeps on either end.

Parts:USA-C & other

Size: 6"h x 3"w
Rattan ball stuffed w/ paper shred,
hand woven hat,
beads & a bell on paper string.

Parts: USA-C & other

Size: 5"h x 2"w
#67-444...Coco Puff #67-472...ComboDelite #67-788...Birdie Playhouse #67-862...Seed Sandwich's
Our Price: $5.00
Our Price: $12.00
Our Price: $8.50
Our Price: $9.50
Paper rope, beads & rings,
a rattan ball stuffed w/ coconut fiber
(great for nesting material).

Parts: USA-C & other

Size: 7.5"h x 2"w
On paper string: 6 NO string hand woven hats,
3- 1" rattan balls, beads,
ntrl coconut fiber (great for nesting material),
cube/ABC blk & a bell.

Parts: USA-C & other, new plastic hang link

Size: 12 "h x 2+"w
Great hideout or real estate to build nest & raise a family in.

Parts: USA-C & other. Eco-friendly & recyclable.

Size: 9"h x 4"w
Sandwiched between 2 balsa wood slices is a paper seed heart to forage thru.
Colorful beads & a 1" parrot ring btwn the 2 sandwich's, plus a mini foot toy finish.
This is all hung on paper string.
Foraging & wood chipping fun!!

Parts: USA-C & other plus new plastic hang link

Size: 6"h x 2"w
Pine Cones Info #67-577...SpaceStation #67-902...Wild Thang #67-592...Small Foraging Branch
Our Price: $16.00
Our Price: $7.00
Our Price: $11.00
Are an excellent toy!!

Encourages Natural Foraging, there's a pine cone size for all beak sizes

The pine cones species that GFBToys chooses to use most of these cones
may still contain pine seed or nuts & are harvested from forests within the USA...
Hung on plastic chain & rattleball:
12- 1"parrot rings, plastic rings & links,
mini wooden blk, rocking horse, pacifiers & a bell.
Plastic rings can be refilled. Multiple perching areas for several birds.

Parts: USA-C & other

Size: 9.5"h x 7.5"w
Hung on paper string w/ beads is a center of
soft balsa w/ colorful plastic silly strandz & beads.
New plastic hang link.

Parts:USA-C & other.

Size: 6.25"h x 2+"w
A branch made to forage & shred to pieces!!
On ridged paper board: Parrot Rings, ntrl fiber shred, paper rope,
puzzled pieces plus holes for seed.
Easy, comfortable texture for their small delicate feet.
Clear rod w/instructions on easy use, no glue used.
Fits 3/4" bar spacing.

Parts: USA-C

Eco-friendly, recyclable, renewable

Size: 8"L x .75+"w