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Balsa Blocks Info Why the use of The Parrot Rings, Barrels & Pudgies, Nubbies Info: Parrot Rings, Barrels & Pudgies Plastic Chain Info
The balsa blocks used on GFBToys are
from a renewable farming source.
For ordering balsa as a part:
Build Your Own Bird&Critter Toys > Wood: Balsa, Hardwood, Softwood...Parts & Shapes
(Not USA grown)
Why the use of The Parrot Rings, Barrels
& Pudgies, Nubbies
over toilet paper rolls & paper towel rolls...

The Parrot Rings, Barrels & Pudgies, Nubbies cardboard tubes
are safe to use, to be chewed on...
even if they sit soaking in a water dish for the day.
They are non-toxic from the paper to the glue used.
No scents or flavoring are added either.
These products should replace the toilet paper
& paper towels rolls...
generally a chemical based glue is used, it's cheap.
Then there are the tubes used with scented toilet paper
or the heavily chemical processed paper towels…
these chemicals can leech into the cardboard tube...
How about soaking in a water dish for a day??
or in your creature's saliva as they
chew, carry or stuff in their face.
*Parrot Rings, Barrels & Pudgies*
are eco-friendly cardboard tubes...

The company that produces the Parrot Rings, Barrels & Pudgies
realizes their responsibility to the environment
& recycles all trim & waste generated during manufacturing.
Made from truly 100% recycled paperboard,
primarily post-consumer waste.
They also conduct their operations in full compliance
w/ applicable environmental laws & regulations.
Made in the U.S.A.

The plastic chain company recognizes that,
as a manufacturer of plastic products,
we need to do whatever we can to
promote recycling and reduce waste.
We are committed to safety and the protection
of our planet and the environment we live in.

This is the same plastic chain used on GFBToys...

-it is #2 recyclable & can be tossed into your recyclable bin!!

- does NOT contain any lead in the colors nor any BPA or phthalates.
Sunflower Heads Playing Cards Bulk Item NOTE: Parrot Ring Sizes...Mini to 3"
Excellent toy!!

Encourages Natural
Foraging fun!!

The sunflwr heads that GFBToys uses,
no pesticides or toxins used in growing,
harvesting or drying.
Good clean fun!!
The only playing cards that
GFBToys uses are fully recyclable,
both case and deck.
These cards are made from
sustainable forest papers,
starch-based laminating
and vegetable-based inks.
No toxins...

Eco-friendly, sustainable

BULK items


Shipping will be thru UPS Ground
& this cost will be billed separate.
Once order is packed & weighed, a
Paypal request for shipping
cost will be sent.
UPS residential & rural
charges are extra.
Orders Do Not Ship till
payment is made.
No exceptions.
Your UPS number is always
welcomed to be used!!
BULK items
need to be ordered
separate from qualifying items
for the 'free shipping'.
If ordered together, you will get
an email with the extra shipping cost
& sent a Paypal payment request.
Sorry...NO refunds if this happens.

Must add this note to basket when
ordering these bulk items.

Parrot Rings:
(out to in) 3", 2", Pudgie
(off to right) 1" & Mini Ring

Parts: USA-C
Bamboo Cone 1.5" Spin Wheel- 10 pieces GFBS Parrot Wrappers-10 20mm Mini Links Multi pkg25
Our Price: $0.85
Our Price: $0.90
Our Price: $1.00
Our Price: $1.00
Bamboo Cone to stuff with like:
-crinkle/shred paper & goodies for foraging
-timothy hay, dried flowers/greens for foraging
non-toxic glue

Part: china

Size: tip to tip...5.5"L
Non-toxic white glue.
Water based inks.
Excellent to stuff w/ treats for
shred/foraging fun.
Add to toys.

Environmentally friendly
& recyclable
25 mini links variety of colors & shapes.
Shapes mixture: heart, star & oval.
Great for canary/finch to small conures/tiels.
Pear Link medium 4pkg Triple Dice Within Large, 3pkg Colored Dice with hole 4pkg Balsa Wood- 1...1x1x4
Our Price: $1.00
Our Price: $1.00
Our Price: $1.00
Our Price: $1.25
Pear Link medium, nickel plated
pkg: 4

Part: china

Size: 1 3/8"L x 1/2"w
opening: 1/8"
pkg of 3 Large Dice with 3 mini Dice within.
Fun as they are or add them to toys by their holes.
Nice rattle noise.
Great for the small-med to large!!
Conures, sengals to greys.

Size: 1 1/8" x 1 1/8"

4 plastic colored dice:
red, lite green, yellow & purple.
With a 1/16" hole through for stringing.

Part: China

Size: 1/2" x 1/2"
Balsa Wood
Great as a toy base or as is.
This balsa wood comes from managed farming
practices in South America.

1 piece of Size: 1"x1"x4"