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GFBS Parrot Wrappers-10 Balsa Wood- 1...1x1x4 Large Pine Cone-1 Medium Spoolin pkg1
GFBS Parrot Wrappers-10
Our Price: $1.00
Balsa Wood- 1...1x1x4
Our Price: $1.25
Large Pine Cone-1
Our Price: $1.25
Medium Spoolin pkg1
Our Price: $1.75
Non-toxic white glue.
Water based inks.
Excellent to stuff w/ treats for
shred/foraging fun.
Add to toys.

Environmentally friendly
& recyclable
Balsa Wood
Great as a toy base or as is.
This balsa wood comes from managed farming
practices in South America.

1 piece of Size: 1"x1"x4"
1 Lg Pine Cone (back right cone)

Ntrl, untreated pine cone.
Treats can be stuffed in for extra foraging.

Parts: USA-C

Size: 3" to 4"
Natural jmediumhardwood spool,
pkg 1 w/ center hole.
Rollin-around fun!!
Add to a toy or as a toy base.

Part: USA

Size: 2"h x 1 5/16"w
1/4" hole
#67-1031...Coin Toss FT #67-1109...CornHusker Toss #67-1111...Nubbie Explosion #67-1112...Jewel Box
#67-1031...Coin Toss FT
Our Price: $1.85
#67-1112...Jewel Box
Our Price: $1.99
A 2 3/8"d x 1/4"thick
hardwood coins w/ water based ink image
w/ 3-1"Parrot Rings & 2 wooden beads
on paper rope. Chew or toss!!

Parts: USA-C & USA
Parrot Ring colors & coin image will vary.

Not-sulfured corn husk, paper rope
& 2 mini paper discs.
All eatable & toss able...

Parts: USA-C & other

Size: 2.25" x 4.75"w
(size can vary a bit)
Nubbie Explosion offers a lot chew,
shred, toss & hide treats in!!
A textured nubbie as the center
& flap-jacks on paper rope.

Parts: USA-C & USA

Size: 2.5" x 6"
Jewel Box: Pudgie (colors will vary),
hardwood coin ends with thick paper rope.
Center is stuffed w/:
Critter: Oxbow timothy hay
& a dried flower/greens mix.
Avian: crinkled colored (colors will vary) paper.

Parts: USA-C, USA & other (dried flower/greens mix)

Size: 1.75" x 4"
#195JR...JR Rattleball #179A...Nubbies-12 #195JR/R...JR Rattleball for critters #67-1033...Trio Nibble Toss FT
#195JR...JR Rattleball
Our Price: $2.25
Our Price: $2.25
Fun rattle balls to roll, toss or add to toys.
There are no BPA or phthalates.
Birds: contains plastic beads.
Critters: hardwood rattles (let CBT know)

Parts: USA-C
(SMALLEST in photo)
pkg of 12...Nubbies
Non-toxic paper tube w/nubs,
pkg will range in tube
length from 3/4" to 1.5" by 3/4" across.
Excellent for peeling & picking at the 'Nubbs".
Great to stuff into toys, stuff them or as is.
Made in USA-C.
Fun rattle balls to roll, toss or add to toys.
There are no BPA or phthalates.
Critters: hardwood rattles inside
Parts: USA-C
(SMALLEST in photo)
Pkg of 3 odd shaped softwood w/ 2 mini board
discs on paper rope.
Shapes & sizes will vary.

Parts: USA-C & USA
Carrot Cookie Cutter  4 3/8" Floppy Bunny Cookie Cutter 3 3/4" Rabbit Face Cookie Cutter 4 1/4" Dog Bone Cookie Cutter 2"
What a great shape to make healthy cookie treats to share with your small critter to rabbit companion!!
What's up, Doc?
  • Size: 4 3/8"
  • Made in USA
  • Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail! Too cute & great for any time you want a springtime pick-me-up. This is one bunny you won't have to feed.
  • Size: 3 3/4"
  • Made in USA
  • The 4 1/4" Rabbit Face Cookie Cutter will bring smiles all around!! Kids will have a blast using this shape to cut cookies or other healthy treats.
  • Size: 4 1/4"
  • Made in USA
  • This is a small dog bone shape, and it makes for an excellent size to make biscuits for our companion bird, small critter to rabbit...even dogs too!! The Dog Bone Cookie Cutter, 2", will make your pet feel pampered as can be!! You will also enjoy using the shape for decoration or crafting, or even (human edible) cookies.

  • Size: 2"
  • Made in USA